Wednesday, 29 February 2012

You know you need to lose weight when....

You lay down in bed on your side and your belly lays next to you.

You lay down in bed on your back and your boobs are under your arms.

You have a shower and when getting dressed you need to apply deodrant under your boobs as well as your arms.

You have to wear knee length shorts under skirts and dresses to stop the chafing.

You go shopping and deliberately leave your specs at home so you can't read the small writing against the nutritional values on the packets.

You justify a glass (or bottle!) of wine as it is made of grapes and so MUST be part of your F&V.

You put apple pie in the same category :p

You figure "may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb" and go the whole hog (a whole lot of animal metaphors there!)

You have no idea where the bathroom scales are stored these days.

You have no idea where the kitchen scales are stored these days.

You are walking along the corridor at work and you can feel your backside bouncing from side to side.

You have a cake/biscuit/bag of chips at work and your colleagues don't say a word - they just raise their eyebrows.

You go out for a meal intending to have plain baked chicken with new potatoes, no sauces, but somehow burger & chips end up in front of you.

You are down to just one pair of trousers and one pair of jeans that fit - "old faithfuls"

You watch a weight loss programme on the TV whilst eating a bag of crisps

Disclaimer: not all the above applies to me...... yet!  However, if I don't continue with my endeavours to get back to my goal weight......
Til next time x

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  1. AGH, I can relate to a few of those :-(

    Hope you are well xx


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